Silicontextile Tubes and Hoses

Silicon-fabric hoses are multiple-layer hoses made of silicon rubber and reinforced by polyester fibers of aromatic polyamides or glass fibers. They are made in various diameters and lengths and in a wide range of straight parts, elbows shaped along a single or multiple planes and of various angles, reduced (conversion) parts and flexible connectors or armed hoses of hoses with reduced branching.

Based on the type of the used materials, our silicone hoses can be used within the temperature range of -50 °C to + 230 °C. They are normally designed and tested for excessive work pressure of 0.2 MPa with the safety coefficient being at least 3 times greater than its normal value. Based on the given development differences, we can satisfy individual customer requirements related to the number of reinforcement layers and layers of individual materials of various characteristics and to a higher load capacity of our hoses. Please consult your specific requirements in advance with our specialists.

Thanks to their characteristics, silicone-fabric hoses can be used for a wide range of applications, such as turbofan suction, suction of the pressurized air cooler and in the water cooling system circuit of mostly diesel engines.

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